Ercan Durak

Managing Engineer

Ercan possesses more than 18 years of engineering and design management experience for major projects, both domestically and around the world. He has been recognized by the industry as an accomplished engineer and project manager, specializing in the design of airport/airfield visual and navigational aids. Ercan has a comprehensive literacy of aviation standards and infrastructure planning, with an emphasis on site utilities, and facilities for terminal and support buildings.

Ercan has been responsible for the planning and installation of airfield lighting, signage, and navigational aids at major commercial service airports. His understanding of the operations of an airport, in addition to his technical expertise in the design and construction of these airfield electrical facilities, provides an added benefit to his clients. Combining his expertise of electrical engineering and airport operations, he works effectively with airports, its users, and the FAA in carefully planning electrical control systems, and the powering of such electrical features to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

  • B.S. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering / Dokuz Eylul University (2001)