Our comprehensive planning services address everything required by an airport and its stakeholders to ensure their facilities are able to meet the needs of its users. Our services range from the conceptual development of capital programs and individual projects through the implementation and close out of construction projects. We have expertise from both the technical and administrative standpoint.

Master and Strategic Planning

  • Vision Plans
  • Airport Master Plans
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Regional and Land Use Planning

Advisory Services

  • On-Call Planning
  • On-Site Staff Extension
  • Project Definition Documents
  • Tenant Development Plans Review
  • Program Management
  • Grants Administration

Facility Planning

  • Air Traffic Control Tower Siting
  • Centralized Receiving and Distribution Centers
  • Multi-Functional Site Development
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
  • Heliport Planning
  • Navigational Aids Siting

Airspace Planning

  • Airspace and Procedure Design
  • AGIS Survey and Obstruction Analyses (Part77, TERPS and EB99 Surfaces)
  • Aeronautical Studies and OE/AAAE Support (7460 Determinations)

Terminal Planning

  • Conceptual and Site Planning
  • Space Programming
  • Gate Allocation Planning
  • Apron Optimization Planning
  • Aircraft Parking and Maneuvering
  • Jetblast Analysis
  • Marking Plans

Airfield Planning

  • Functional Plan Development
  • Runway Safety Area Compliance
  • Construction Phasing Plans
  • Runway Incursion Mitigation Programs
  • End-Around Taxiway Feasibility Studies

Operations Planning

  • Delay Reduction Initiatives
  • Capacity Assessment Studies
  • Concepts of Operations and Ground Flows
  • Queuing and Congesting analysis
  • Fast-Time Simulation and Modeling
  • Benefit Cost Analysis

Aviation Demand Forecasts

  • Airlines/Market Trends Research and Analyses
  • Constrained and Unconstrained Demand Scenarios
  • Design Day Flight Schedules
  • Airline Fleet Forecasts

Environmental Planning and Permitting

  • Environmental Assessment and Impact Studies
  • NEPA, State and Local Compliance Studies
  • Airport Noise Modeling Analyses

Graphics and Technology

  • AutoCAD, ArcGIS
  • REVIT, Rhino, BIM, Grashopper
  • Aerobahn Systems


  • Innovative Airport Planning Using Data Mining Techniques
  • Aviation Software Development
  • Addressing COVID-19 via Technologic Innovation
  • ACRP Research
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