Program Planning and Strategy

DY’s fully integrated team of planners, designers and program managers assist our clients with pre-planning, programming and strategic planning efforts for the largest aviation improvement projects in the nation. Our comprehensive approach addresses all of the factors involved in airport programs and is based on decades of experience delivering complex landside, airside, terminal and infrastructure development projects.

  • Program Decision and Management Plan
  • Strategic and Commercial Advisory Support
  • Master Plan Implementation and Integration of Planning Studies
  • Forecasting Support Services for Airline approvals
  • Strategic Assistance for New Contractual Frameworks
  • Airport Governance
  • Financial Planning
  • Integrated Process for Project Definition, Design, Programming and Delivery
  • Special Systems Master Planning

Project Definition Documents

DY Consultants has developed a proven, integrated Master Plan Implementation and Program Management approach led by experienced aviation strategists, planners, design managers, financial advisors and project control specialists. We work with clients to identify and categorize their needs and objectives for the program according to different timing horizons: immediate (30/60/90 days), short-term (1 year) and long-term (2+ years). To transition from a master planning exercise to the actual design and procurement of airport projects (terminals and non-terminals), our team has developed different levels of Project Definition Documents (PDDs). These documents encompass the individual areas indicated below.

  • Purpose and Needs
  • Existing Site Conditions
  • Aviation Activity Schedules and Assumptions for Future Demand
  • Program Requirements for Airfield, Landside, Terminal, and Operations Planning
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Design Basis Threat Analysis
  • Design Criteria and Applicable Standards
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Traffic and Civil Engineering Criteria
  • Baggage Handling System
  • Vertical and Horizontal Transportation
  • Aircraft Fueling System
  • Sustainable Design and Climate Resilience
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Proposed Equipment Lists
  • Code and Life Safety Analysis
  • Project interdependencies

Program/Project Control Processes

Our program and project control processes were developed by our Airport Program and Design Managers based on real-world project experience and lessons learned from decades of close relationships with our clients. We develop controls procedures that are tailored to each client’s needs and remain fully customizable for the duration of the project.  Continuous improvement is a priority in our organization, and we encourage it in our client’s approach to serving their clients too.

  • Program Management and Reporting Interactive Platform
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Management and Analysis
  • Document Management
  • Technology Policies and Protocols for Information Security Control
  • Program Contracts for Third-party Industry Software: Primavera, BIM, etc.
  • Program Risk Assessment and Management Plan
  • Performance Management Metrics and Monitoring Procedures

Delivery Strategies

DY Consultants is unique in that we offer in-house experts with decades of experience in planning, engineering, architecture, program and construction management for all phases of airport development. A fully integrated team allow us to develop comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ goals and provide seamless project delivery. We have also demonstrated success with complex projects based on multiple delivery strategies across the country, including Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, Progressive Design, Public-Private-Partnership, and DBOM.

  • Scope, Cost, and Schedules Assessment and Controls
  • Risk Assessments
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Interface Coordination Agreements
  • Operations Plans for Maintenance, Safety, Hazardous materials handling, and Security
  • Development of Request for Information (RFI), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP) and Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  • Other Procurement Support Services
  • Stakeholders /Public Involvement Programs
  • Collaborative Working Groups Engagement
  • Operational Impacts and Disruptions Mitigation Plans

Design Management

We believe design and construction are two faces of the same coin. Our team has helped clients to develop and implement protocols that have simplified their design review processes. We have provided design management services to support a variety of successful developments, such as expansions, ground-up, brownfield and greenfield projects.

  • Design Reviews Process and Progress Design Approvals
  • Executive Design Review Process
  • Tenant Design Guidelines for Terminal and Non-Terminal Programs
  • Airport Planning and Design Standards
  • Requirements and Provisions for Work
  • Specifications Guidelines
  • Terminal Accessibility Requirements
  • Terminal Design Program and Interface Management
  • Risk Management
  • Program Modeling and BIM/CAD Collaborative Processes

Coordination of Developers And Contractors

The success of a program or project often rely on external stakeholders like developers, financers and builders. Depending on the project delivery method selected, their involvement and ability to negotiate program or project requirements can vary. Our versatile team has worked with state and federal agencies, airport authorities worldwide, and developers and contractors to ensure our clients’ interests and concerns are always addressed.

  • Review and Evaluation of Technical Proposals
  • Design Advancement and Technical Coordination
  • Oversight and Monitoring of Compliance with Applicable Standards
  • Consensus Building on Program Assumptions for Airline approvals
  • Configuration and Change Management Protocols
  • Contracting and Delivery Plans

Constructability, Phasing and Staging Services

DY Consultants has developed successful construction planning strategies for some of the largest airport redevelopment programs in the nation. Our teams work closely with clients to identify program objectives, determine delivery needs, and assess risks and operational impacts during construction. DY professionals build airport-wide logistics and phasing plans that mitigate disruption to operations and preserve continuity of service and customer experience at the airport.

  • Program Wide Logistics and Phasing Plans
  • Constructability Reviews Contract Packages
  • Detailed Phasing and Staging Plans for Technical Project’s Contract Documents
  • Overall Program Site Logistics Strategy and Real-estate Management
  • Presentations and Communication on Phasing and Staging to Airport Stakeholders
  • Change Orders and Contract Claim Support

Construction Oversight

Our qualified team has provided strategic construction oversight services for aviation projects worldwide. DY has developed customized submittal protocols to facilitate fast track construction. We believe construction stakeholders are just as important as design stakeholders. DY has managed the expectations of existing tenants, the Resident Engineer’s Office and compliance agencies to successfully deliver complex construction projects.

  • Submittal Schedule and Construction Approvals
  • Develop and Monitor Strategy for MWBE/DBE Participation
  • Construction Implementation Phase of Projects for Conformity with the Approved Design
  • Change Management (Scope, Schedule and Cost)
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Detailed Scheduling and Coordination
  • Management of Special Inspections and Results, including development, negotiation and approval of Post Award Construction Changes (PACCs)
  • Oversight of Commissioning Aspects of Project and Internal Acceptance of Project
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