Reopening of DY Consultants

DY Consultants is excited to reopen New York City Headquarters. After a year of lockdown and working from home, DY Consultants has been anticipating reopening up their offices in a safely matter. The safety of DY’s employees is very important. With that, we added additional safety precautions to make sure every employee is safe and protected.

The DY team made sure everything was being done to keep our staff secure and the office is clean at all times. We implemented a schedule for employees to input what days and times they will come in so there will be a limit at all times of how many people will be in the offices. This will ensure the limited capacity of employees and all our employees are safe and comfortable. With the continued preparation to reopen our 40 Wall Street Office, Plexiglas sneeze guards are installed in every desk space to ensure added safety. This includes the conference room, every desk, every office room, the common area, etc. The team repainted portions of the office and plotters have been moved for easier access. We also included infographics on how to continue being safe and not spreading germs. There are also added sanitizer stations and cleaning products for added safety. We hope everyone is staying safe and protecting themselves! We hope to have all of our staff in our office in the upcoming year.