Orange County Airport Business Plan

Orange County Airport

DY Consultants’ main role for the Orange County Business Plan was to compile an Inventory section with existing characteristic information and planned projects including an overview of the following:

  • The existing airside and landside facilities
  • The current Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP)
  • Facility requirements and the significant recommendations identified in the most recent Master Plan Update report

The Inventory section was used as a “baseline” for the development of a marketing and economic strategy to complete the business plan.

Business Plans for Airports: Paving the road to success

The concept of a business plan for an airport is rather new to an industry that typically adheres to the basic fulfillment of regulatory requirements. With the current challenging economy airports are cutting expenses and taking advantage of untapped business opportunities.

By utilizing talented industry-specific consultants, business plans allow airports to streamline operations to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness while presenting new options for growth and economic development.  Business plans help ensure a stable and healthy self-sufficient airport well into the future.

Airport Business plans are unique in the fact that creation does not involve as many political procedures and authorizations as with conventional Airport Layout Plan updates or Master Plan Updates. The FAA does not have to approve concepts within business plans nor must any other regulatory agency be involved to conduct airport business planning initiatives.