East Hampton Airport Vision Plan

East Hampton vision plan

This non-FAA funded project driven by the client was a uniquely scoped study to explore alternate growth strategies. In order to complete this challenging project, DY Consultants’ planners needed to “step-out” of the typical FAA project approach for a Master Plan and adhere to the direction provided by the client and their special needs. The last publicly approved Master Plan for the East Hampton Airport was dated 1989. Since that time, the FAA has funded two studies to develop a new Master Plan for the airport. Neither of those studies was adopted by the Town in its role as the airport proprietor.

The study’s purpose was to encourage and gather public comment on various alternatives for the future of the airport in order to find proper balance between community impact and aeronautical needs. The East Hampton Airport scoping study may ultimately be part of an update to a Master Plan that was last adopted by the Town of East Hampton in 1989 – two recent FAA-funded attempts to update the Master Plan had been completed, but failed to be adopted by the Town. The study itself was an independent “visioning process” to finalize a plan that allowed the airport to proceed in a manner that will provide service to the flying public, while minimizing impact on the local community.

This approach at East Hampton proved to be highly successful and the airport is currently reviewing their options prior to proceeding to the next step, which would include procuring an approved FAA Master Plan and implementing the necessary Federal and State environmental process. There were emotional and confrontational discussions between the airport sponsor and the local constituents that were addressed. The East Hampton study was extremely successful in completing a process that allowed all parties to see and hear potential visions for this facility.