DY Consultants | A Technical Leader and Trusted Advisor in the Industry

DY Consultants has a proven track record of success in providing comprehensive aviation planning services that address every professional need required of an airport and its stakeholders. Our planning team is composed of talented individuals who offer technical expertise combined with a highly personable and responsive management approach. Emphasizing the importance of innovation and flexibility in airport planning, we integrate current industry trends while utilizing sensitivity analyses and scenario testing to accommodate future changes. Our planning team also focuses on obtaining consensus among stakeholders and coordination with regulatory agencies to ensure successful implementation of planning projects.

Below is a listing of planning services we offer:

Facilities and Operations Planning

  • Airport Master Plans
  • Airport Layout Plans
  • Regional and Land Use Planning

Terminal Planning and Design

  • Conceptual Design
  • Programming
  • Queuing Analyses
  • Scenario Testing and Sensitivity Analyses
  • Airline Schedule Analyses
  • Gate Use and Capacity Assessment
  • Aircraft Parking and Maneuvering

Aviation Demand Forecasts

  • Airlines/Market Trends Research and Analyses
  • Constrained and Unconstrained Demand Scenarios
  • Design Day Flight Schedules
  • Airline Fleet Forecasts

Airside Planning

  • Airspace Obstruction Analyses
  • Runway Safety Compliance
  • Runway Incursion Mitigation Programs
  • Capacity Enhancement, Delay Reduction Initiatives
  • Construction Operations Planning
  • Simulation and Modeling

Data Analytics and Operations Research

  • Aircraft and Airport Performance Metrics
  • Movement Area Traffic Analyses
  • Automated Obstruction Identification Tool
  • Analytical Gating Model

Environmental Planning and Permitting

  • Environmental Assessment and Impact Studies
  • NEPA, State and Local Compliance Studies
  • Airport Noise Modeling Analyses