Technical Review of Airside Designs for the Redevelopment of Terminals at JFK

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

Assisting the PANYNJ, DY Consultants undertakes technical reviews of the proposed conceptual design documents for the redevelopment of the terminals as proposed by the tenants or its representative.

The reviews consist of checking compliance of the proposed airfield plans with the Requirements and Provisions for Work (RPWs), PANYNJ standards, FAA standards, applicable engineering codes, and other industry best design and management practices.

DY Consultants is specifically responsible for reviewing all design elements related to airfield planning, apron layouts, gate compatibility, parking clearances, GSE access and parking areas, airside vehicle service roads, de-icing facilities, location and heights of apron lighting poles, general airfield lighting layouts, apron markings and signage, ATC Line of Sight, pavement designs, grading, drainage, airside utilities, and construction staging/phasing plans.


  • Airport Planning