Taxiway Z Rehabilitation

Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ

DY Consultants conducted the design for the Taxiway Z Rehabilitation for the Newark Liberty International Airport. The design for this project was prepared for the construction project, utilizing both airfield civil and airfield electrical disciplines related to the Rehabilitation of the parallel Taxiway Z to Runway 11-29, between Taxiway UA and the end of Runway 11. The demolition of buildings 14 and 332 in preparation for the development of a UPS facility in the vicinity of this project provided an opportunity to rehabilitate Taxiway Z while addressing FAA standards.

The design was completed such that the geometric locations of Taxiway Z, UA and UB, and the Restricted Vehicle Service Road (RVSR) remained in their current locations. Major features of the construction project included the mill and overlay of pavement sections, the reconfiguration of connecting Taxiways UA and UB to access the new UPS site, the replacement of an incandescent lighting system (taxiway centerline, taxiway clearance bars, runway guard, runway edge) to LED, the upgrading of the Helipad electrical circuitry and its CCR, the relocation of guidance signs and the installation of pavement markings.  In addition, fillets for connecting taxiways were designed to the latest FAA design standards.

DY Consultants was responsible for:

  • Quality Assessment/Quality Control – of all aspects of the project, including the coordination of comments received by PA Lines of Businesses.
  • Records Research – of existing conditions, including the review of survey data, geotechnical data, electrical circuitry, and environmental issues.
  • Engineer’s Cost and Quantity Estimate – for the electrical portion of the project, which included consideration for premium expenses related to phasing and scheduling.


  • Airport Design and Engineering