Runway 6 End RSA Safety Improvements-Design and Construction

Lakewood Airport, NJ

Lakewood Airport is a General Aviation Airport located in Lakewood, Ocean County New Jersey. DY Consultants is responsible for the engineering design and permitting services to establish the standard Runway Safety Area (RSA) towards the physical end of the Runway 6 End resulting in 242 feet of additional runway pavement for takeoffs on Runway 6 and landings from Runway 24. This will allow the airport to accommodate the facility needs and demand for future aeronautical growth, enhance safety through obstruction clearing, and recover the Runway 6-24 usable length to allow a larger percentage of small aircraft to utilize the airport.

The design effort will consist of grading and drainage design, grubbing of trees within RSA, strengthening of the RSA, and realignment of the existing fence to mitigate nonstandard items within the RSA to comply with the FAA standards. The challenging aspect of this project is to determine the need for the adjustments to the existing detention basin that lies within the Runway Object Free Area (ROFA) to mitigate nonstandard items within the ROFA. In addition, the project area lies in an environmentally sensitive freshwater wetland area with exceptional resource value, therefore, the environmental permitting process would be challenging as well.

DY Consultants provided grant administration services to submit grant applications to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to procure the funding for RSA improvements project. In addition, DY is providing the following engineering design and bidding services for this project: land development, grading and drainage design, bid documents preparation, and will be providing Construction Management services during the construction period.


  • Airport Design and Engineering