IAA On-Call Airside Planning Services

Israel Airport Authority, Israel

Since January 2017, DY Consultants provides Airport Planning and Consulting Services to different departments at the Israel Airport Authority.

Recent task orders include the following:

  • Cargo Apron Bravo Planning and Design Services (Ben Gurion Airport)
  • Terminal 3 Concourse A Extension
  • Terminal 4 and Apron V Planning Services (Ben Gurion International Airport)
  • Parking Plan to Accommodate New Wide Body Aircraft at Concourses B, C, D and E (Ben Gurion International Airport)
  • Apron Hotel Planning (Ben Gurion International Airport)
  • Apron Juliet and Lima Planning (Ben Gurion International Airport)
  • Program for Closure of Sde Dov Airport (Sde Dov Airport)
  • Haifa Airport Redevelopment Plan (Haifa Airport)


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