New Ground Transportation Center (GTC) Design

JFK International Airport, Jamaica, New York

DY Consultants was part of a team responsible for the preparation of Bridging Documents for the purpose of proceeding with the procurement of a Design Build contractor, such that the vehicle parking garage and the associated GTC (aka collectively as the GTC) is constructed on schedule to coincide with the opening of the terminal projects. DY’s role in this project was the preparation of engineering documents related to the stormwater and sanitary trunk routes for this multi-level complex, as well as the coordination of utilities below grade, including electrical connections to the road system.

The GTC is planned to accommodate a future OSD (Over Site Development) that will be limited in height and extent.  The OSD is estimated to encompass approximately 180,000 sqft in Phase 1 with the potential to expand to ~1Msqft in later phases.  The engineering documents prepared utilized Port Authority Pre-Stage I report information, including but not limited to Utilities Diversions and Underground distribution strategies and above ground Services Distribution strategies.

The deliverables developed, were intended to provide enough information to allow for pricing by a Design Build contractor, while allowing them to assess and allow for the associated risks in completing the design and the construction of the project.

The Bridging Documents to be prepared by DY, specifically related to the Civil and Utilities work, will consist of a series of 30% drawings with accompanying performance specifications, and a Basis of Design (BOD) report section


  • Airport Design and Engineering