LGA Access Improvement Project EIS

LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is located in the Borough of Queens, within New York City and is the “20th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic”. The purpose objective of the LGA Airport Access Improvement Project was to provide an efficient, accessible, and reliable transportation alternative to the airport. The service should be convenient for customers to utilize and won’t contribute to roadway congestion. Currently, the only route to LGA is by roadway. The proposed project was to provide an alternative commute to LGA Air Travelers.

The Environmental Impact Statement overseen by the FAA, is evaluating, and analyzing the most desirable alternative that has the least adverse impact on the environment. DY Consultants worked alongside the FAA and Ricondo to assess the 47 alternatives proposed by the Port Authority and public. DY Consultants and Ricondo developed a screening process to eliminate the alternatives that doesn’t meet the purpose and need of the LGA Airport Access Improvement Project.

DY Consultants evaluated the environmental consequences for Land Uses and Natural Resources and Energy Supply sector. DY also analyzed the extent of the impact in relation to the parameters set in the appropriate land use impact category. Additionally, DY consulted with local agencies to comprehend the energy and natural resources constraints and their ability to meet the project demand.


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