JFK 4R-22L and Associated Taxiway Improvements

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

Runway 4R-22L is the main arrival runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Its ability to process arrival traffic safely and efficiently is crucial for the airport.  Considerations of the overall downstream traffic from runway exits to the terminals (Runway 4L-22R crossing, staging area, conflicts with departure traffic) were included during the development of the proposed project.

Using Aerobahn data, DY Consultants gathered some unique intelligence on the actual operational patterns, ground taxi flows, and runway crossing mechanisms that were absolutely critical to identify the safety and capacity deficiencies of the airfield. Several initial alternatives including different combinations of solutions in terms of runway extension, landing threshold relocation, taxiway improvements, and NAVAIDS siting were developed. The preferred alternative was agreed upon by the stakeholder committee based on a series of criteria. Benefits of the proposed improvements were modeled and simulated and a Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) following FAA guidance was prepared and submitted to the Authority.


  • Airport Planning