Helicopter Parking Construction Management

Woodbine Municipal Airport, NJ

DY Consultants has been the Airport Engineer for the Woodbine Municipal Airport over the past 30 years. DY has successfully provided construction management services for over 40 projects at the Woodbine Municipal Airport. One of the recent projects included the construction of a bituminous terminal apron with concrete positions for helicopter parking. Similar to all the projects at Woodbine, DY has acted as the owner’s representative, providing Resident Engineering (RE) and Resident Project Representative (RPR) services on behalf of the Borough of Woodbine. In addition to insuring compliance to the plans and specifications through a vigorous inspection program, DY coordinated and supervised a detailed Quality Acceptance program as per P-401 and P-501, conducted pre-construction and weekly meetings and monitored quantities for payment. DY coordinated the project closeout, including the final inspections.


  • Construction Management