FAA Terminal Area Forecast Review

Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Philadelphia Airport, PA

DY Consultants conducted a review of the draft 2016 Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) prepared by the FAA Office of Aviation Policy and Plans on behalf of the Division of Aviation for the City of Philadelphia.

The airport sponsor did not update the internal forecasts available at the time, therefore DY Consultants utilized a three-step process to assess whether the proposed growth rates used in the draft 2016 TAF aligned with the airport sponsor’s expectations. The first step involved a review of historical trends at PHL and PNE for aircraft operations and enplanements using the 2015 TAF and the airport sponsor’s traffic records. The second step involved a trend analysis of passenger traffic growth and economic activity of the Metropolitan Statistical Area. The third step involved the review and analysis of the future growth rates included in the draft 2016 TAF compared with those in the 2015 TAF and expectations of the airport sponsor.


  • Airport Planning