Contract Specialist for All Electronic Tolling

Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge

DY Consultants provided Construction Management services in implementing a $240 million cashless tolling system for Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, and George Washington Bridge since July 2019. On September 4, 2019, the Goethals Bridge joined the Bayonne Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing with all cashless tolling, a more streamlined way for everyone to travel. This system utilizes gantry frames, built over roadways that scan E- ZPasses or take pictures of license plates so that the toll can be mailed to the address affiliated with it.

DY’s Contract Specialists perform the following duties for the Chief of Construction of the Port Authority:

  • Perform desk audits for Time and Materials for the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel, and the George Washington Bridge under the All Electronic Tolling contracts
  • Organize contract closeout files
  • Provide administrative support for the Construction Management Division, compile and issue construction forecast reports for internal and external dissemination on a weekly basis
  • Maintain and enter vehicle authorization and usage reports for all field inspectors on a weekly basis
  • Verify consultant invoices for payment
  • Scheduled meetings and final inspections between contractors, the Resident Engineer’s office, and Port Authority staff on Microsoft Outlook
  • Prioritize and distribute confidential mail and security contracts/documents
  • Maintain contract correspondence and file system
  • Manage Request for Information documents to be entered through Primavera Contract Manager


  • Construction Management