Central Terminal Area Redevelopment

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

DY Consultants role was to define facility requirements and develop conceptual plans for terminals’ expansion while redefining the apron and taxiway systems to facilitate efficient movement of aircraft and reduce delays. The outcome of the study was fundamental in the development of the overall John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) vision plan. The latter provides a long-term strategic framework for the redevelopment, modification and expansion of existing facilities and infrastructure at JFK airport.

DY Consultants has played an important role in the coordination and evaluation of Delta’s development program at Terminal 4 and Americans at Terminal 8. The different elements of the project (landside/airside/terminal building) were thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by DY Consultants planners. It involved an Aircraft Gate Requirements & Incremental Demand Analysis, an Assessment of Gate Utilization and Availability and an assessment of Terminal Programmatic Requirements


  • Airport Planning