Airside Update to Pavement Management System

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

The goal of the JFK Pavement Management System Update was; 1) provide recommendations for a pavement rehabilitation project with a service life of 10 years and 2) provide an assessment of Taxiway A& B’s need to be reconstructed after it has reached the end of its service life.

DY was the primary consultant for the airside portion of this Pavement Management System.  Initially, we were responsible for the preparation of AutoCAD drawings illustrating data regarding the airside pavements for; survey year mapping, section ID mapping, PCI color-coded mapping by extracting PCI data from the pavement management section of the Paver software and exporting it to excel and FOD mapping.

DY’s responsibility also included the review of core data available from PANYNJ (1000+ cores) to determine the actual layer thickness of the JFK pavement management sections and participated in the determination of the PCN, while:

  1. Provided a table identifying the pavement management sections and the pavement layer thicknesses, determined from the core data.
  2. Recalculating the layer moduli for up to 50 sections by repeating the back calculations performed on the Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) data. Back calculations were performed using the ELMOD6 program developed by Dynatest.

Finally, DY supported the preliminary engineering design of the rehabilitation of portions of Taxiways A & B as follows:

  1. Review core data provided by PANYNJ (100 cores)
  2. Obtain 2018 Aerobahn segment traffic data and compare the 2018 data to the 2017 data.
  3. Perform rehabilitation alternative thickness designs using FAARFIELD.


  • Airport Design and Engineering