Air Train Replacement

Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey

AirTrain EWR is a critical component of the operation of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). It provides access to the Northeast Corridor Rail Link Station and provides customers and employees with the ability to transfer between terminals, parking lots and rental car facilities. The current AirTrain EWR has reached the end of its useful life and will be replaced with a new AirTrain system, a 2.5-mile elevated guideway, which will meet increasing passenger demands and enable world-class operations that provide for a 21st century customer experience for airport visitors and employees.

DY Consultants was the Airport Master Planning consultant for the team selected by the Port Authority of NY &NJ for the AirTrain Replacement project at Newark Liberty International Airport. In addition to being involved in the evaluation process of proposed alignments and the assessment of potential impacts on current airport operations, DY Consultants was tasked to review the team’s assumptions, parameters, and overall methodology to develop future demand scenarios as part of the AirTrain ridership analysis.


  • Airport Planning