Addressing COVID-19 Via Technological Innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis that is forcing the aviation industry to innovate to ensure its continued viability. Every single aspect of the industry is being disassembled to its most elemental parts and re-examined—from access modes to bathroom access, from transiting through security to transiting through a retail zone, from checking body temperatures to checking baggage. The very survival of the entire industry depends on how well this transformation evolves.

At the onset of Covid-19, DY Lab launched an aggressive internal research program to stay abreast of the challenges presented by the crisis. This ongoing effort entailed the gathering and assessment of product literature, articles, publications, regulators’ guidance plans, airport and air carrier operation measures, and information regarding technological and operational innovations in response to Covid-19. Through this endeavor, DY Lab has acquired a substantial amount of knowledge on “healthy” airport practices and has advised several of our clients accordingly. Additionally, DY Lab is presently developing a planning solution to provide airports with an efficient, quickly deployable and data-driven operational plan for enhancing resilience during a public health emergency.