Happy 100th Year Anniversary with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey!

We are celebrating the 100th anniversary with The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey! PANYNJ has a remarkable history of building infrastructure that has driven the region’s economic growth and vitality. DY Consultants is proud to have been able to support the PANYNJ through the past decade on numerous programs ranging from major airports and Air train development to World Trade Center and PATH Improvement. We look forward to continuing to assist the Port on its critical initiatives in the next 100 years!  

One hundred years ago, there was no aviation industry, no mass use of cars and trucks. PATH service, then under the auspices of the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad, was just beginning. The Holland Tunnel was still in planning stages. The great bridges were yet to be imagined, designed, and built. Airports to connect this region to the globe were yet to be envisioned. The infrastructure that allowed this region to become the global engine of commerce and trade that it is today would come – and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey would build it.

See the important milestone through a series of activities and events at the PANYNJ: https://www.panynj.gov/port-authority/en/Centennial.html