Introducing Our New Logo

DY Consultants is pleased to announce the launch of our new logo to reflect the company’s growth and vision for our future.


Dennis Yap, President and Owner of DY Consultants, proudly states, “I’ve always been a strong believer that ‘companies are people too’ and have personalities of their own. DY possesses a character of being experienced, with an unprecedented amount of attention toward detail (“leaving no stone unturned”), known for its clean and easy to understand solutions, while providing a personable approach with a high level of flexibility. We’re happy to report that our investment in people has led to the success of DY throughout the years. As DY embarks upon its fourth decade of operation, we find ourselves enhancing upon these legacy traits. There is an added level of excitement within our organization, with innovation playing a huge role in our firm’s personality. We take great pride in sharing with you our new logo, as the rebranding of DY Consultants and its bright future begins!”