DY Exchanges Ideas with Major Chinese Corporation








DY’s president, Dennis Yap was recently invited by Mr. Tim Chen, Vice President of CATIC- Eng Airport Engineering Co.,LTD (CATIC-ENG), to meet with officials of his company, in their Beijing offices, sharing new technologies and recent developments in the aviation industry. During his presentation, Dennis was granted the opportunity to introduce DY’s planning, engineering and program management services to both the management and technical team at CATIC-ENG. Dennis also met with Canhua Huang, the Chief Engineer of CATIC- ENG. This was a great opportunity for both Dennis and Mr. Huang to confer in each other on several current aviation engineering projects, as well as the future of the aviation industry both domestically and internationally. During this trip, DY was also requested by Aero-Technology International Engineering Corporation (Avic -Eng), which is a large state-owned enterprise, affiliated with Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC, a Fortune 500 company), to provide a similar presentation. It was a tremendously rewarding experience and we’d like to thank Mr. Wei Yuan, General Manager and Dr. Sean Xiao, Chief Engineer of AVIC – Eng, as well as Mr. Tim Chen for this opportunity to speak to their staff. Dennis’ speech was well received and set the tone and served as a catalyst for an informative dialogue amongst its attendees.”