Westover Air Reserve Base Airfield Electrical System Evaluation

Westover Air Reserve Base

DY Consultants was hired as the engineers to address potential deficiencies regarding Westover Air Reserve Base’s visual aids and lighting system on the airfield and to design a project that would resolve these issues. The solution for the Air Force was to design three separate bid packages that provided a new airfield lighting vault, Runway 5 approach lighting to the displaced threshold, edge lighting to Pad 19, Taxiway 5 edge lighting, runway and taxiway signs, lighting control panel with a monitoring system, Runway 5-23 edge lighting and Taxiway R edge lighting.

Due to the nature of the Air Force Base’s operations, it was imperative that airfield lighting was always available to the U.S. military. An innovative approach was taken towards designing the circuitry of Runway 5-23, which involved installing two separate circuits with separate regulators to power Runway 5-23. Each separate circuit would connect to alternating light fixtures, so in the event of a lighting failure to either one of the circuits, the other circuitry would remain operational with alternating lights illuminated for the full length of the runway.