Stewart Airport Master Plan, NY

Stewart Airport Master Plan

Stewart International Airport (SWF) is uniquely positioned to provide a convenient, safe, and modern alternative to the existing metropolitan airports serving New York City and the Hudson Valley. The Master Plan Update focused on the airport's unique needs, and determined how Stewart could meet its full potential. The tasks associated with the Master Plan Update were tailored to Stewart's specific goals and objectives and included the following categories: inventory of existing conditions, forecasts of aviation demand, facility requirements, development alternatives, environmental overview, recommended plan and implementation, financial plan, Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawings and Master Plan report, executive summary, and project and public coordination.

DY Consultants, a member of the Clough, Harbour & Associates Team, assisted with the analysis of airside capacity and requirements. The airside capacity analysis used the FAA procedure contained in AC 150/5065-5, “Airport Capacity and Delay” to determine the approximate airfield capacity level of existing facilities. The analysis investigated the facility requirements to enhance capacity for Stewart’s projected peak demand.

A major consideration in this analysis included the utilization of military aircraft for both present and future uses. Both civil and military standards were reviewed. Constraints on the field were analyzed (such as a major aquifer). The proposed improvements were coordinated with future terminal, cargo and general aviation facility requirements.