Republic Airport Vision Planning

Repulib Airport Vision Planning

An “Out-of-the-Box” plan designed to gather input from all stakeholders of Republic Airport, the Republic Airport Vision Plan was built upon common ground to achieve a consensus among stakeholders for future policy and decision making at the Airport. The plan consisted of a comprehensive stakeholder input gathering process coupled with detailed analysis of potential “Visions.”

The Republic Airport Vision Statement worked to provide the framework to develop an acceptable vision that will be the foundation for future planning and decision-making. DY Consultants ensured objectivity in this study in order to instill trust and confidence in those contributing input. The vision planning process at Republic Airport provided a mechanism to encourage constructive discussions focusing on the future of the airport with no preconceived intentions. This project included an intensive outreach program, both to internal and external stakeholders.

This project was not funded by the FAA and was not a Master Plan. This study did not follow the FAA standards for Master Planning and provided analysis not typically addressed under FAA funded studies. Alternative plans based on input from all stakeholders were developed and final recommendations were based upon extensive analysis and evaluation.

The ultimate goal was to:

  1. Provide an objective analysis of alternatives.
  2. >Assist the decision-makers toward developing a vision that would be satisfactory to all interested stakeholders including the neighboring communities.

The project website can be viewed at: