Niagara Falls International Airport Runway Safety Area Improvements

Niagara Falls International Airport

DY Consultants was subcontracted by DiDonato Associates, P.E., P.C., to design the Runway 6-24 Safety Areas Improvement project at the Niagara Falls International Airport, operated by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA). The scope of the project called for establishment of standard Runway Safety Areas on Runway 6-24. Major elements of the project included relocating approximately 1,950 feet of Cayuga Creek around the northwest side of the Runway 24-end RSA, construction of a 450-foot long Runway 24-end extension to accommodate a 450-foot runway shift, extension of parallel Taxiway D to the proposed Runway 24-end, and all associated drainage, electrical, marking, and signage adjustments to accommodate the runway shift. The project also involved monitoring of a hazardous waste site adjacent to the proposed Runway 24-end improvement area.

DY was responsible for all associated electrical, signage, and NAVAIDS improvements. The project also involved coordination between DiDonato Associates, the FAA, and NFTA to ensure that all components of the project were designed in compliance with FAA standards.