New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Benefits of Aviation

NYSDOT Benefits of Aviation

The purpose of the study was to provide a better understanding of The New York State (NYS) System airports and to develop support for airports by their communities, elected officials, and government representatives. Additionally, the study was also to serve as a guide for the enhancement of local and state economies through aviation, airport activities and development.

The study included the identification of economic benefits of all NYS System airports in total; individual NYS System airports; Commercial Service airports; and other Business class and small General Aviation airports (GA).

DY Consultants’ main role for the NYS Airport Economic Benefits Study was to gather data for 20 GA airports, data such as identification of users, size of user entity, and aviation expenditures. The survey process primarily consisted of a mail-out questionnaire and was supplemented with telephone surveys. In addition, DY Consultants provided scheduled airline service information in a report for 14 NYS Commercial Airports. The data collected and analyzed included an inventory of airlines and their destinations from each airport.