Long Island MacArthur Airport Blast Analysis

Long Island MacArthur Airport

DY Consultants, as the prime contractor for the performance of a blast analysis for the MacArthur Airport Terminal, was tasked to provide recommendations for modifications to the terminal to limit the effects of a blast from a bomb in or near the airport terminal. In addition to the blast analysis, DY Consultants was also tasked to prepare recommendations to strengthen the existing facility to decrease the effects of a blast event on the facility. This includes the installation of blast film on windows and doors of the facility, revising the road layout in front of the facility to place vehicles further from the facility entrance as well as a closed circuit television system for airport security to monitor critical interior and exterior terminal areas. The blast analysis report provided an indication of the effects on the terminal from a bomb of differing sizes placed at various distances from the terminal.  Recommendations were then developed to identify ways to strengthen the facility or to deflect the blast effects on the facility. Budgetary cost estimates were developed for each of the recommendations.