Francis S. Gabreski Airport Runway Rehabilitation

Francis S. Gabreski Airport

DY Consultants developed a design solution to remedy the failing pavement section for Runway 6-24 (9,000 feet long x 150 feet wide) at Francis S. Gabreski Airport. The Air National Guard is a major tenant at the airport with a primary mission as a “rescue unit.” The runway also acts as an alternative site for emergency landings by the Space Shuttle. With this project, DY Consultants overcame the challenge of limited funding that was available from the FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP). The recommendation for repair, based on extensive non-destructive testing (NDT) and soils investigation programs, was to rehabilitate the touchdown area of Runway 6 end (approximately 1,700 feet of the runway) through a technique known as “rubblizing.” This innovative technique allowed for a method to address failure of the existing joints and to control reflective cracking through to the proposed bituminous overlay, while maintaining the limited budget for the first phase of the design. The project was completed ahead of schedule with a total project savings of $1.5 million.