East Hampton Airport ALP Update, NY

east hampton airport

Before the latest Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update, the last FAA approved ALP for the East Hampton Airport was dated 1989. Since that time, the FAA funded two ALP studies for the airport, neither those studies was adopted by the town in its role as the airport proprietor.

This non-FAA funded project driven by the client was a uniquely scoped ALP update to supplement the Town of East Hampton-approved Proposed Airport Layout Plan (ALP) sheet, to be consistent with FAA guidelines. The intent of this ALP Update was to provide an approved FAA ALP drawing set, acceptable to the FAA. Specific requirements outlined in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5070-6b, “Airport Master Plans” were addressed within the ALP drawing set.

In addition, the ALP update drawing set was prepared with the intent to be consistent with the Town’s Airport Master Plan Report and Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement and support the findings of those reports.

DY Consultants worked closely with the Town of East Hampton, the FAA New York Airport District Office (NYADO) and the FAA Regional Office to accomplish a successful FAA ALP approval for the first time in 22 years.