DY Consultants | An Award Winning Provider of Engineering Services to the Airport Community


Construction Safety, Phasing Plans and Implementation
DY has successfully completed hundreds of Safety and Phasing Plans for all types of airports, including large complex construction projects on the busiest airports in the nation. The key to the success of our Safety and Phasing Plans have been our ability to communicate and implement these plans, while protecting the flying public.



Pavement Design, Evaluation and Quality Acceptance
DY Consultants’ staff of senior airport pavement engineers has been designing airfield pavements throughout the nation for over 25 years. Design techniques have been applied for the development of both rigid and flexible pavement sections for new pavement sections, reconstructed pavement sections and overlays upon existing pavement sections.



Visual Aids & Airfield Lighting System
DY’s electrical engineers are well versed in the layout, the power, and the aspect for all visual aid systems, including the design and sizing of regulators, generators and control equipment and the interaction between the electrical vault and the tower. In addition to FAA standards, our designs comply with the National Electric Code (NEC) and other local requirements.



Navigational Aids
DY provides detailed engineering services for site requirements, instrument siting, control and monitoring design, foundations and infrastructure to complete the installation of NAVAID’s. DY offers design solutions to construct a complete NAVAID System, including: Localizer (LOC), Glide Scope (GS), Distance Measurement Equipment (DME), Non-Directional Beacon (NDB), Outer, Middle, and Inner Markers, and Very-High Omnidirectional Radios (VOR).



Airfield Horizontal Geometry
DY Consultants provides the necessary horizontal controls and alignment to construct air side facilities at airports. These design efforts are utilized for laying out runways, taxiways, aircraft aprons and other airside related infrastructure. The design requirements rely upon a strong understanding of the operation of the field and applying the proper criteria, such as the Run- way Design Code (RDC), the Airport Design Group (ADG), Taxiway Design Groups (TDG), and Visibility Minimums.



Airfield Vertical Geometry
DY is well versed in the vertical requirements associated with airfield pavements. Dependent upon the design aircraft, DY designers are taking into account allowable longitudinal grades, maximum allowable grade changes, maximum allowable length of vertical curves, maximum and minimum transverse grades for both the pavement section as well as the shoulders.



DY provides expert capabilities in hydrology and hydraulics when designing both surface and sub-surface drainage systems for the air side (runways, taxiway and apron areas) and the land side (roadways and vehicle parking areas).



Grading and Earthwork
DY has provided grading plans for runways, taxiways, aprons, roads and other vehicular facilities, such as parking lots for the largest and busiest airports in the system. DY possesses the project experience, along with talented individuals who have provided solutions that have been cost effective, while satisfying the longitudinal and transverse grade requirements associated with specific facilities on an airports.