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Orange County Airport Runway 3-21 Realignment/Safety Area Improvements

The intent of this project is to improve the Safety Area (RSA) to comply with current FAA standards as contained in AC 150/5300-13 by realigning the runway 3-21. The existing Runway 3-21 and parallel Taxiway A will be removed and 5006 feet by 100 feet Runway 4-22 and 5000 feet by 35 feet Taxiway A will be installed. The major design elements of this project are Runway and Taxiway pavement, associated Airfield lighting system, relocation of navigational system, and drainage improvement. DY Consultants is the electrical engineer for this major effort, which involves the redesign of the airfield’s visual and navigational aids.

The electrical design includes:

  • Removal of the existing Runway and Taxiway Edge lights and Signage
  • Installation of Runway and Taxiway Edge Lights
  • Removal of existing VASI and relocation of existing PAPI
  • Installation of New FAA owned PAPI
  • Installation of new REILs
  • Relocation of Localizer Antennas and Shelter
  • Relocation of Glide Path antenna tower and shelter
  • Relocation of Segmented Cirle and Vind Cone

These facilities are designed to service the relocated Runway 2-22 and its parallel Taxiway A.  Design effort for FAA owned equipment such as the ILS and new 4 lights Unit PAPI were coordinated with the FAA.  The cable layout for the airfield modified substantially, such that the high voltage wiring system and its electrical components will require new homeruns, along with modifications to the vault room.  Adjustments within the electrical vault upgraded Constant Current Regulators (CCR’s) and other equipment will meet current standards and electrical codes.

The designs conform to all applicable FAA Advisory Circulars, Orders and Standards, relating to airport visual aids and navigational aids.