Runway 4R-22L and Associated Taxiway Improvements – JFK International Airport

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To address fleet mix changes and the implementation of the first phase of the Wake Turbulence Recategorization program at JFK, DY Consultants developed and evaluated alternatives for Runway 4R-22L arrival improvements. As the main arrival runway at JFK, the ability of Runway 4R-22L to process arrival traffic safely and efficiently is critical for the airport. DY’s efforts included data collection and analysis of the performance of Runway 4R-22L and associated taxiways and the subsequent identification of safety and capacity inefficiencies pertaining to runway crossings and ground taxi flows. Alternatives were developed for each arrival end to optimize operational efficiency of the airport and an extensive stakeholder involvement program was utilized to select an alternative to develop a functional plan.

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Mark Lennihan/AP

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John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York