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Project Description

JFK International Airport – Support Operations Campus

DY Consultants worked with the Turner Aviation Construction Corporation Design-Build Team for the development of a Support Operations Campus at the JFK International Airport. The $45 million project involved the design and construction of a complex that encompassed a 70,000-square-foot maintenance hangar, capable of accommodating three Airbus or Embraer-type aircrafts, in addition to a two-story attached office facility that will accommodate 400 crewmembers from the airline’s technical support staff. Three additional aircraft parking positions were available on hardstands within the aircraft parking apron. DY Consultants’ engineers were responsible for the design of the site work associated with the 7-acre property and its connecting taxiway. DY Consultants was able to utilize its FAA expertise in assisting jetBlue and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to procure air space approval from the FAA for this project. A package was prepared by DY Consultants, analyzing the effect of the permanent structure and the temporary effect of equipment during construction on the air space associated with Runway 13L-31R.


JFK International Airport – Radiant Deicing System

DY Consultants was proud to participate on the development of a Radiant Deicing System constructed at JFK International Airport in the vicinity of Hangar 12. This project involved new technology to provide an innovative method to deice aircraft with minimal environmental impacts upon stormwater systems at the airport by minimizing the use of glycol. This safe technique utilizes patented EPU’s, which target electromagnetic waves (infrared energy), which melts ice and reflects from the aircraft. This structure provides service to aircraft as large as a Boeing 747. DY Consultants was the engineer-of-record on this design/build project, responsible for project management, civil work, construction management services, and land surveying, as well as the coordinator between subcontractors.


Long Island MacArthur Airport Airport Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) Facility

DY is currently providing engineering services for the design of a new Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) Facility at Long Island MacArthur Airport (“LIMA”). The new Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility will replace the aging, undersized existing ARFF currently located immediately north of the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT).

DY Consultants is responsible for the site/civil design for the proposed ARFF Facility which includes the following:

  • Construction Safety and Phasing Plan
  • Utility Demolition and Construction Plans
  • Utility Profiles
  • Pavement Demolition and Construction Plans (areas adjacent to the building and apron to the north of the building)
  • Site Electrical/Lighting Plans
  • Site Layout Plans, to include fencing and pavement markings
  • Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
  • Pavement Cross Sections
  • Technical specifications

The project will be phased to allow for construction of new ARFF and concurrent demolition of the existing ARFF while maintaining without disrupting firefighting and airport operations.