Jamaica Air Train Terminal Construction Inspection Services

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Project Description

As part of Port Authority/Bechtel construction engineering team, DY Consultants provided field inspection and administrative services on the Jamaica Air Train Station. This link will provideded a true inter-modal hub with connections to and from the MTA/Long Island Railroad, the MTA/New York City Transit, and Air Train JFK. DY’s civil engineers, mechanical engineers and contract administrators were utilized on this important transportation project.

DY has provided a significant role in two major areas on this project, including:

Vertical Circulation Building / Jamaica Central Control

During the preliminary stages of the construction, DY’s senior mechanical engineer participated in a constructability review of the design documents. His expertise in mechanical engineering provided practical and sound suggestions that were implemented. The result was significant cost savings to the project.

The engineers also reviewed compliance to the contractual requirements in several disciplines, including ADA standards. DY was responsible for reviewing several construction components: HVAC, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Fire Protection, Insulation, Automatic Controls and others. DY was responsible for monitoring the day-to-day efforts of each sub-contractor associated with each construction discipline.


The Platform/Portal area was the central connecting element to the LIRR and the MTA, and included a portal/mezzanine bridge and work associated with the platform, including the canopy. Major elements that DY oversaw included the pouring of structural concrete, the erection of steel and the construction of timber. DY Consultants utilized civil, mechanical and electrical engineering standards while protecting the interests of the Port Authority. DY was a prime participant in a meticulous Concrete Quality Assurance program and worked very closely with the testing laboratory.

There was also is tremendous activity in this area that required extensive coordination by our staff.

While working on the Vertical Circulation Building/Jamaica Central Control and the Platform/Portal for the Jamaica Air Train Terminal, along with numerous other Port Authority projects, DY was able to gain a thorough understanding of the Port Authority’s administrative requirements.